Application Innovation, Experience, Strategy, Research & Design Leader

User experience Innovation leader with decades researching, strategizing, innovating, and creating the unexpectedly-expected. I'm most passionate about finding the most intuitive paths in ways that meet user and stakeholder goals. As a product manager, UX lead, strategist, researcher, and design director, I thrive in the most ambiguous, collaborative, and technical environments. I believe every problem is unique, and honest research leads to real understanding. Understanding also comes from group experimentation and rapid-efficient prototyping, and user testing. Cross-platform information architecture is also a welcome challenge.

Areas of expertise include UX strategy, research, user analysis, flow design, architecture, rapid prototyping, design for sprints, product design with stakeholders, and user expectations.

My passion is to build powerfully new apps for foundational technologies that allow people to act more freely, intuitively, and powerfully digitally. Technologies that I want to work on include: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, VoiceUX, and IoT.

Responsible for UX and strategy that lead to dozens of successful mobile, cross-platform, and enterprise apps.