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Current Tools

Jira, Confluence, Google Suite, Adobe CC, XD, Sketch, and Figma.


Experience-altering new technologies that impact how users receive, leverage, and freely interact digitally.
Technical: Xcode Swift UI, the blockchain, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Android Material, Responsive web app design, AI, AR, ML, IoT, advanced research, prototyping & testing tools.

More Design Experience

Recent Training

Team Management Leadership Training, November '19 - Ongoing
Certified UX Strategy Master, Jaime Levy

Reading list

Blue Ocean Shift - W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne, Hacking Growth - by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown, Digital Transformation - Lindsay Herbert. The Scrum Field Guide 2nd Edition - Mitch Lacey. Jamie Levy - UX Strategy; Hooked - Nir Eyal. How We Decide - Jonah Lehrer. Lean UX - Gothelf/Seiden. Why We Make Mistakes - Joseph T. Hallinan. UX For Lean Startups - Klein. Design + Code Swift - Ming To. Lean Analytics Eric Croll & Yoskowitz. Easy To Use - Sean Van Tyne. Living With Complexity - Norman. Evil By Design - Chris Nodder. The Design Of Everyday Things - Don Norman. The User Experience Team Of One - Leah Buley.