Voice Social As UX Research & Design

Voice blockchain social app. Research & validation design.

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As UX Researcher and designer in a fast-paced innovation-oriented blockchain technology environment.


I was requested by the CTO to begin exploring and prototyping feature-components to validate his ideas that would lead to the launch of a new blockchain-based social network app.


In whiteboard design sessions led by the CTO, I captured the functional requirements for different areas, including the feed page cards and user-flows for the app overall app. I also researched and presented the most current competitive landscape in and out of blockchain. Next, I created component options and a full-featured rapid prototype of a mobile version, which I presented to stakeholders.


I established the bulk of the design, information architecture, and user flows and demonstrated a cohesive experience through the prototypes, a way forward. My work set the stage for the rapid development of web-responsive and native iOS and Android applications.