Adobe Product Prototyping Tool - Project Comet.

Being the Adobe fan that I am, even though I also use Axure and other product design prototyping tools, I am super excited to share the news of a new prototyping tool from Adobe called Comet.

Many of my friends who used to be Quark Express and Pagemaker users eventually migrated over to Adobe InDesign. Many a Freehand-user graduated to Illustrator. Cosa users migrated with Adobe on AfterEffects. In fact when Adobe took over AE they visited designers and animators where I worked and we gave them input that was adopted by the app. Have you ever imported layers from Photoshop files into AE? That came from us.

There are numerous essential tools that eventually become the domain of Adobe. That’s usually because we would like to design in Illustrator and Photoshop but the last step - to product prototyping - has been missing. Maybe not anymore. :) Let Adobe know what you need in the app.

Follow the link to learn more about Adobe Project Comet…