MOJEY UX/UI Design. As Innovation Lab UX Product Manager

Direct digital asset transfer between mobile apps, with proof of burn.

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As Innovation Lab, UX Designer / Product Manager


Research and demonstrate ways of transferring unique digital assets directly between users on mobile devices. Use the exact analogy of a customer transacting cash with a vendor who receives money and makes change using a register.


I researched and documented the transaction process steps visually in a coffee shop. I recorded the actions of the user flows in wireframes and detailed the contents. With an agreed process, I prototyped the features in high fidelity in AdobeXD. The prototyping process revealed a high degree of complexity for it to function fully in an app. User testing revealed an interest in the product, with a steep learning curve. I made several attempts to refine the process, which led to a pivot. Proving the technology did not require complexity. Instead of cash and goods, we transferred low-risk emoji between users in social network type experience. A social emoji transfer feature aligned with other projects, such as Voice.


The pivot inspired through user testing with engineers led to a viable social solution. We released the Mojey application and the underlying technology solution to the open-source community looking to develop more secure mobile applications to transfer assets directly.