Blockchain Lexicon As UX Researcher

Terminology research and team study


As a UX Researcher in a fast-paced blockchain development environment.


A self-directed inquiry into the reason for all the blockchain technical (and user) terminology confusion. Bring awareness to and solve, wherever possible, the internal "Blockchain Lexicon."


Research sessions with developers, designers, and users of blockchain apps. Captured as many of the most used terms as possible Invited all engineering groups into the company to review and add what might be missing. I invited all engineering design and marketing teams to help rank-order ALL the blockchain terms. Teams added many more as testing went on. I sent out Google forms questionnaires with 42 questions and received a very high response rate.


This project increased sensitivity to arbitrary terminology used throughout the company when related to the blockchain. I disseminated final terms and definition results throughout the company. Engineers and marketing consulted the research when crafting new features and messaging around new features.