Case Studies

VirtuMedix HIPAA compliant telemedicine - scheduling feature



I was the UX design lead working on site with the Virtumedix development team for two years. When I started we had a big new feature list that had not been touched, and a UX issues list that needed to be addressed in order to complete a UX update for version 3. Both new features and the design updates needed to be completed together for the web, and the iOS/Android native mobile and tablet apps.


Complete the Version 3 UX, add important new features like scheduling, fix the UX inconsistencies list and rewrite the UX where determined necessary. One of the major new features was appointment scheduling inside the app with a preferred doctor or a specialist. The request was to make the whole app more intuitive, and to reduce taps and clicks for patients and physicians.


Prioritization: I created a matrix of all the major elements in the app, and we prioritized scheduling - the most requested feature.
Research: I conducted a competitive marketplace analysis to see how competitors, like Teledoc, handled scheduling. A heuristic analysis indicated that these competing solutions were not easy to use. They took up to 15 minutes to sign up and book an appointment, then getting into a scheduled appointment was unintuitive.
Discovery: research of other markets revealed scheduling insights. For example, airline flight booking systems succeeded in usability by limiting the criteria required to reserve a flight. A: Time/Date, B: Embarkation point, and C: Disembarkation point. This model inspired a new solution for VirtuMedix and our customers agreed.
Final design: We reduced the search Criteria to 1) Patient location: critical to doctor license location. 2) Doctor specialty: otherwise patients would just use the general “See a Doctor Now”. 3) Presented listing only doctors, with available times for doctors in the next three days.


Booking a visit was made simpler. What used to take 26 clicks, now only took 10. The scope reduction led to the new scheduling system being implemented in a few months, rather than up to a year. The new booking system with accompanying features helped to double our customer base within 9 months. Other required features, previously stuck in the backlog, also delivered ahead of schedule. Patients, even older ones, found it easy to book a doctor.