Case Studies

Marono fashion application for Japan and Europe



My company had released iLikeit, a fashion social network for the Japanese market. A company in Tokyo saw the app, liked the concept and hired us to launch another version the app under their brand, Marono.


Make the app bilingual, targeted to the Japanese and European markets, keep all the functionality of sharing, and include news features for fashion trend fans in both markets to follow. Social networks were hot at the time, so we were being asked to research and design new ways to succeed with this segment of users.


Research A) Looked at what fashion followers most liked about the Japanese market, and the European markets. We discovered that Japanese users were more shy, wanted to follow, and share less publicly. They wanted to follow brands and find out what's hot ahead of the trend, find new brands before they become famous and purchase goods before they went mainstream. There was similar interest in Japanese brands in Europe Discovery: The up and coming Japanese fashion brands were not getting enough exposure in Europe. This led to the possibility of a bilingual fashion news service, loved by Japanese to connect with a world witde audience.


Marono eventually pivoted to leverage the full opportunity and launched the most successful news feed application for Japanese fashion brands into the Japanese and European markets at the time.