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Great article on using the right jargon in your app.

ADOBE’s Project Comet

Thanks Adobe! Very exciting! Project Comet - a very cool UX UI Design Prototyping Tool, from my favorite software company (in the whole world) is coming soon! Follow the link. Get ready for Comet integration in your UX/UI design group…

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Designing UI @1X :
The Ideal Product Designer’s Workflow

Over the years I have always designed my UI/UX and user flows in Adobe illustrator. Adobe has the best products and everybody uses them, that’s what makes them so valuable. But there are some stumbling blocks one working on UI and UX when applied to multiple devices..

I started using sketch about a year ago at the advice of a friend. It’s an amazing tool. The price is right. I recommend using sketch now. You can’t drop illustrator I don’t think completely. But sketch can get you through the project with a lot less pain, especially if you’re sharing assets and need to move quickly.

Check out this great article on medium. You may become a Sketch user sooner and more efficiently than you thought.

Persuasive Design: When Does UX Become Evil?

No, I’m not worried about some AI-infused evil HAL9000 trying to kill us. But I’ve pondered the issue of Manipulative UX. Now that we rely so much on hyper-efficient mobile digital experiences, when and at what point do UX professionals cross the the line - either morally, or perhaps with corporate legal repercussion. All my lawyer friends, pay attention.

I’ve worked for agencies and always understood how persuasion works in advertising. But being persuasive through manipulation of UX… Where do UX professionals stand on the issue? At what point does UX break an implied trust with the user? At what point will users become aware?

This smart article by Vikram Chauhan delves into the very issue. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Text Line Texture by Thomas Hallgren

My first book on design thinking for children was published in 2015. It's on Amazon, the link is below. Hope you enjoy reading it to your children and grandchildren.
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When confronted out of the blue by a thin red Line, our main character, Text, sets out on a fun path of self discovery. A path that leads to a new friendship along the way. For parents who love to read to their children, Text Line Texture is the perfect introduction into the world of text-only books. Children’s Book. Age range: 4-10.