Excellent Survey Example - Keep It Simple

CT Shirts Update: A recent follow-up survey that I received is on brand, and very easy to complete (except the text was not easy to read.). The survey stayed on-brand in many ways: 1) visually, and 2) trademark ease of use - it was easier to complete than ordering a shirt. If only other companies understood their customers enough to understand the 2-3 questions to ask a specific customer regarding one particular recent transaction. 

Unfortunately many large companies often ask a customer to take a 7-15-page generic survey - which negatively affects the customer’s perception of the company. CT’s ONE-PAGE survey, on the other hand, captures the most critical metrics required to assure the success of the company, based on that single most recent interaction. I would not mind taking another survey from them in the future. Would you? Companies who understood what metrics they need know how to keep it simple probably.