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Great article on using the right jargon in your app.

Your App Icon needs to stand out on today’s crowded mobile devices. More importantly how do your icons extend your brand? Does it work with your overall brand strategy? 

The App Icon is a unique expression of the app - and your brand. In fact, much like Facebook, putting their mark in the App rounded-square, your application icon could be the most important iteration of your brand. How do you make it consistent with your brand values AND stand out on the home screen (or springboard)?

How your App Icon looks - big or small, light or dark, subtle or contrasty, thick or thin lines, monotone or colorful, flat or skew-morphic, or some combination there of is more important than you might know. 

This great article on App Icon design will at least help make sure your icon gets noticed. The brand values are up to you: 

Designing better app icons, by Michael Flarup

Swiftkey UX/UI Redefined. Nice Job! 

iOS 7 Outline Design Standards Fading… 

Swiftkey released a very nice redesign that enhances existing functionality, making it easier to navigate - using flat and graded color, icons and soft shadows. In a world that need to be simple, color is required. Excellent approach for mature applications with a strong user base.

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Text Line Texture by Thomas Hallgren

My first book on design thinking for children was published in 2015. It's on Amazon, the link is below. Hope you enjoy reading it to your children and grandchildren.
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When confronted out of the blue by a thin red Line, our main character, Text, sets out on a fun path of self discovery. A path that leads to a new friendship along the way. For parents who love to read to their children, Text Line Texture is the perfect introduction into the world of text-only books. Children’s Book. Age range: 4-10.