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Notable visual design trend

Nice to see color blends coming back into vogue for visual design. Admittedly color blends and overlays are one of my favorite design styles, many memorable corporate designs from the 1960′s and 1970′s have exploited this approach, and it translates well from print to screen. Enjoy the following article, and accompanying images.

As designers it’s our job to make decisions about all things that matter to the design of the project or an interface design or an application flow. We are the decider’s. It does not mean that our decision ends up being final, but it is our responsibility to decide and defend that decision.

Deciding quickly and efficiently is what moves the ball forward in any project. Sometimes that decision can be made more in regards to the functional requirements of the project at hand. Hopefully it’s not made arbitrarily. In fact it should not be made arbitrarily. But in the end we have to decide.

The following article outlines some graphic choices designers have made in 2015 related to website design. I think a lot of these choices are related to visual readability and efficiency and website design.

Check it out I think you will find it informative.

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Text Line Texture by Thomas Hallgren

My first book on design thinking for children was published in 2015. It's on Amazon, the link is below. Hope you enjoy reading it to your children and grandchildren.
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When confronted out of the blue by a thin red Line, our main character, Text, sets out on a fun path of self discovery. A path that leads to a new friendship along the way. For parents who love to read to their children, Text Line Texture is the perfect introduction into the world of text-only books. Children’s Book. Age range: 4-10.