Lorem ipsum, placeholder content and dummy text

I just read a great article on dummy text. As user experience designers, we work with today’s lightning-fast tools that allow us to design with “real” content. So why not?! Especially when doing so can save time and lead to better decision making. Real content requires more effort up front, and a willingness on the part of the design team to throw away “real” looking designs on a regular basis. But it leads to better decision making. if an element is undefined, no matter how small, try and define it. This can be cathartic. It lets all team members know their contributions are important. Engineers care about date formats, field content character limits, table sorting headers, and more. Real content has real benefits to the design thinking UX process. It brings stakeholders together in more meaningful ways. Designing is more meaningful. Context is clearer, and so much more. Check out this great article on the topic.