Starved for Communication, or Connection?

With all eyes glued to our phones… it’s no wonder people are starved for real honest human linguistically-appropriate communication. It is possible, via these devices - and most importantly applications, to communicate in honest, real and relevant ways. I fact even apps do not need to be a bunch or organized page titles, text and menu structure. Use conversational tones to get action from your viewers, and in surveys. 

Today, users want to feel like they are interacting with a human, like a concierge ( or other like-minded approaches. in fact this approach can work with just about any kind of on screen experience. We just need to start using this methodology more to find out how successful it is for winning the hearts and minds of our users (and readers of conversational apps).

The following is an article on a survey submitted by the brilliant UX-minded team at Quartz will inspire. Check it out! If it doesn’t inspire you, then …well, oh boy, let me know…

Title: Getting real survey answers out of smart, busy people