Sr. UX Designer

UX product research, strategy, design, innovation, and management. Including cross-platform and native mobile app UX, competitive analysis, information architecture, rapid prototyping, and testing. Communication and collaboration across teams to influence, design, and support usable solutions for blockchain and new technologies.

Recent roles and accomplishments. UX team manager, Innovation lab UX lead, UX researcher, patent contributor.

Lead UX Designer-innovator for dozens of mobile, web, cross-platform, and enterprise app solutions.

More Design


Experience-altering new technologies that impact how users receive, leverage, and freely interact digitally.

Technical: Xcode Swift UI, the blockchain, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Android Material, Responsive web app design, AI, AR, ML, IoT, advanced research, prototyping & testing tools.

UX Strategy Training

Certified UX Strategy Master, Jaime Levy

Reading list

Blue Ocean Shift - W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne, Hacking Growth - by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown, Digital Transformation - Lindsay Herbert. The Scrum Field Guide 2nd Edition - Mitch Lacey. Jamie Levy - UX Strategy; Hooked - Nir Eyal. How We Decide - Jonah Lehrer. Lean UX - Gothelf/Seiden. Why We Make Mistakes - Joseph T. Hallinan. UX For Lean Startups - Klein. Design + Code Swift - Ming To. Lean Analytics Eric Croll & Yoskowitz. Easy To Use - Sean Van Tyne. Living With Complexity - Norman. Evil By Design - Chris Nodder. The Design Of Everyday Things - Don Norman. The User Experience Team Of One - Leah Buley.


OC iOS Brother Hackathon Award: Best UX for "I Voted Today" mobile app solutuion.

Personal Creative

Text Line Texture. A design-thinking book about Text (personified).

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