UX Process Overview

Research, discover, define, design, test, iterate.

Provisional Personas

Create and validate provisional personas through customer Interviews.

Preliminary Value Propositions

Validate and discover new value props in customer interviews.

Competition Analysis

Competition research matrix of history, value props, risks, and differentiators.

Document Competitive Landscape

Document competition strengths and weaknesses on relevant platforms.

Define Key Experiences

Define key experiences for value propositions in user flows.

Design Key Experiences

Wireframe key experiences, and begin design detail.

Plan and Recruit for Guerrilla Research

Define customers, screener questions, plan event, and user questions.

Guerrilla Research Interviews

Identify location, arrange meetings, assign note takers. Execute rubric. Summarize results.

Landing Page Test Plan

Test value props online with prospect groups.

Landing Page Test Results

Review analytics during testing. Iterate on the prospect, the value prop, and the design.


Analyze results based on personas, value props, and key experiences.

Refine. Iterate.

Define opportunities, and verify assumptions, based learnings. Iterate.

UX Strategy: Guerrilla Research Example