Product UX UI Design

Passionate about UX as a means to solve business problems by creating meaningful connections among people, products, and brands. Over the past 10 years I’ve led design and development for dozens of mobile apps, web apps, consumers and for enterprise.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci



Stakeholder Interviews
Understand User Needs
Company Goals
Project Goals and Objectives


Field Studies
Observe/Shadow Users
Interview Users
Evaluate Existing Systems


Create Personas
Create Common Tasks
User Stories
Define Relationships


User Flows
Brand Alignment


Whiteboard Prototype
Clickable Sketch/Invision or AdobeXD Prototype


Stakeholder Agreement
Finalize UX Deliverables

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Solutions require a as complete an understanding of the problem as possible. Talking with users AND watching them use the product is essential. Research can and sould cover user types in various environments, include surveys and online competitive analysis.


Design must balance requirements and concerns of users to define options and paths that solve real problems. Iteration can and should be quick, and fun!


Once we agree to a solution, we must also agree to what can be delivered, and when. My expertise is in building consensus among diverse and agile teams has helped teams to delliver as agreed in features and time frames.


  • MASERATI JAPAN: iPad App to unite Dealers & Japan Club Members
    Problem: Maserati Japan needed a custom iPad application to showcase the unique Maserati lineup for Japan. The Japanese Dealership Association and Maserati Club were at odds. Our heavy emphasis on vehicle photography and video was something everyone could agree on, that they all liked. As a result, Maserati Japan Club members felt more connected to Maserati dealers and the company in Italy, where before they felt "ignored". A picture IS worth a thousand words.

Audi A8 Japan

  • AUDI A8 JAPAN: German Engineering and Technology iPad App
    Problem: How to get Japanese consumers excited about owning a German luxury automobile in a Japanese auto manufacturing culture. Our solution provided a deeper appreciation for Audi heritage, the company, manufacturing and attention to engineering and technology. It was done through an application that encouraged discovery.

  • AUTO DISPLAY: UX/UI + Icon System - Kepler
    PROBLEM: Design a binnacle UX Design for the hybrid Kepler Supercar that could be used on the track and the street. SOLUTION: By exploring track racing setups, luxury sports cars and racecars, we concluded on series of most needed display items, and developed a series of ways to present what is needed, when it's needed. Current designs show the very cool nighttime driving look.

  • MARONO: Fashion App for Japan and Europe
    PROBLEM: Engage young Japanese and European fashion trend fans with a news source that would be sticky. SOLUTION: After several iterations the following simple news feed turned out to be the right solution over time.

  • SLACKER RADIO - Web Player
    PROBLEM: Slacker Radio's web app had just been updated, but nobody could figure it out, except the die-hard 5% of users. SOLUTION: Through research and user interviews we discovered that users just really wanted to listen to a genre and let it play. Those users were more likely to listen to advertising and not skip it. In other words, users wanted to listen to music just like they did on the radio. Our solution was to bridge the gap from general listener with controls on top, with an opportunity to discover on the bottom of the page. These designs also set up the mobile and tablet designs for similar UX approach.

  • VIVMED MEDICAL: HIPAA Compliant Physician Scheduling and Communication Solution
    PROBLEM: Connecting doctors within a hospital, and across hospitals while remaining HIPAA compliant. SOLUTION: After interviewing doctors and proposing several approaches, including a physician podcasting site, we landed on a HIPAA compliant physician search and communication tool based on doctor schedules. It allowed doctors to find available specialists at any time in or outside the hospital for immediate consults. Our solution was used and loved by hundreds of doctors at CHOC and St Joseph's Medical systems for several years.

  • TAPPNGO MOBILE VIDEO ADVERTISING: Platform Concept and UX Solution
    PROBLEM: Mobile Video Advertising is driving users away from YouTube due to old school pre-roll video ad units. SOLUTION: Mobile Video Advertising needs alternative AD unit that “delights” users while satisfying the needs of content creators and advertisers alike.

  • SYNCHRONICITY DIARY - Photos, Dates, Categories
    PROBLEM: The Yale schools of Science and Divinity regularly hosted open discussions about the concept of synchronicity in our lives, and what that means. How to document such events on a mass scale. SOLUTION the following social application that allowed users to log, post, share and monitor their SynchroEvents real time, and be noticed on a 3D globe. The more SynchroEvents per geo area, the taller the marker on the globe. We were surprised by the extremely high level of awareness and synchronicity activity people experienced around the world.