Apple’s BIG Miss is Google’s Big Win. 

Wait. Apple missed what? 

Over the past 12 months Google, the company known for famously lame-plain UX/UI now leads with the worlds best new cross-platform UX design standard? Having researched and worked with Google’s new Material UX / UI design standard for many months, I’ve come to the conclusion we should all be adopting it. Now due to my recent conclusion on Material, I’m perplexed. 

How did Apple, Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook not see a need to address it? Having pioneered and open-sourced it’s WebKit, then creating one of the best mobile app devices and app platforms, how did Apple miss an opportunity to define an Apple HCI Interface standards guide for browsers to go with Apple Apps? A major “miss” by Apple? Yes! 

Stunningly, Google now defines the leading cross platform HCI setting a new standard for at least the next several years. It may be Apple’s biggest lost design leadership opportunity - in 5 or 10 years. It used to be that designers started with iOS before designing for Android. Now it’s turning squarely the other way around - for possibly the next 3-5 years. Oh boy. 

Congrats Google!