Punching the Clock Affects Creative Momentum that Leads to Conviction. 

Anyone who works in the UX and creative industry understands, designers have “ideas” during the “day” and often realize them to their ultimate and obvious conclusion - the trash heap or the hero - into after hours. Though we might prefer to imagine otherwise and tell ourselves we can “have a life” in the early problem solving phase …but when in the deepest stretches of problem solving, punching the clock on time could kill your momentum.

Finding great solutions requires research and experimentation in order to demonstrate or disprove value. Ideas in development can lead to better ideas that then end up being the right solution. Exploration is like writing a book, and each exploration a chapter. Leaving a chapter incomplete just because the bell rings not might make the most sense.

The exploratory research aspect of design is often an incredibly mundane and rather monotonous experience. It also requires deep immersion into problems nobody else is aware of or even understands. So when designers get stuck, there are not many places to turn. So you have to research some more until you are confident in your solutions.

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Turn Your Passion Into A Business

Bill Rasmussen, Thanks for your incredible vision to start the world’s first 24 hour television network, it was on cable, and it happened to be for sports! It was your love of sports that was the inspiration for the network. Many think CNN was the first with 24 hour coverage, but it wasn’t. It was a little Connecticut based cable channel called ESPN, launched on cable television with 24 hour sports coverage in 1979. That’s just 40 years after the first television broadcast of a baseball game in 1939. Actually the first broadcast was of two baseball games - It was a double-header. Today ESPN is probably the most relevant appointment viewing channel. Congrats!

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